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First Communion in painting

Alfred Augustus Glendening Jr - Returning From Confirmation

Alphonse Legros - Communion

Carl Frithjof Smith - First Communion

Caroline Augusta Lord - First Communion

Cesare Augusto Detti - The Confirmation Procession

Chaim Soutine - The Communicant

Childe Hassam - Confirmation Day

Circle of Sir George Clausen - Confirmation Day

Dmitrij Jossifowitsch Kiplik - The First Communion

Elizabeth Nourse - First Communion

Emile Claus - First Communion, 1893

Eugène Carrière - The First Communion

Fannie Eliza Duvall - First Communion, San Juan Capistrano

Fannie Eliza Duvall - First Communion

Flora Macdonald Reid - The First Communion

Frank Bramley - For of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven 

Frank Bramley - The Grasmere Rushbearing

Gabriel Fernández Ledesma - The First Communion

Gari Melchers - The Communicant

Gaston La Touche - A maiden in contemplation

George Goodwin Kilburne - Her First Communion

Henri Alphonse Laurent-Desrousseaux - First Communion

Henri Gervex - Communion at the Church of the Trinity

Henri Jean Guillaume Martin - First Communion

Henri Jules Jean Geoffroy - Procession of Young Girls on Confirmation Day, L'hopital de Beaune, 1906

James Wilson Morrice - Study,The Communicant, c.1910

James Wilson Morrice - The Communicant, c.1910

Jan Toorop - Communie meisje

Jean Béraud – Première Communion

Jean-Eugène Buland - Almosen eines Bettlers 1880

José Gallegos y Arnosa - First Communion

Jules Bastien-Lepage - The Communicant 1875

Jules Breton - The Communicants

Jules Breton - Young Women Going to a Procession

Jules Rene Herve - Sortie Des Communiantes A Brevoines Langres

Jules Rene Herve - Sortie des communiantes

Lazslo Pataki - Group of Children after First Communion

Leon Augustin Lhermitte - The Confirmation

Louis Janmot - First Communion

Pablo Picasso - First Communion

Painting, France, First Communion and Sister

Philip Richard Morris - The First Communion, Dieppe

Philip Richard Morris - The Return from Communion

Sir John Lavery - Eileen, Her First Communion

Sir John Lavery - Her First Communion

Tamara de Lempicka - The Communicant, 1928

Theophile Emmanuel Duverger - First Communion

Tudor St. George Tucker - First Communion

William Nicholson - The First Communion
Prima Împărtășanie este o ceremonie de rit latin in biserica catolica.
First Communion

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