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Pisici in pictura(V)

Ludovic Bassarab - Pisici la joacă

Abbott Handerson Thayer - The Favorite Kitten

Albert Edelfelt - Girl with a Cat

Ambrosius Benson - Portrait of a Woman with Cat

Arthur Hacker - Fire Fancies

Arthur John Elsley - Play Time

attributed to Judith Leyster - Portrait of a boy with a cat, a red hat and a piece of bread

Berthe Morisot - Girl with Cat

Berthe Morisot - Little Girls at the Window (Jeanne and Edma Bodeau)

Catherine Amyot - An Armful Of Mischief

Charles Camoin - Jeune fille au chat

Charles Camoin - Portrait d'Annette Leibovici au petit chat

Charles Chaplin - Her Favorite

Charles W. Hawthorne - Little Dora

Daniel Gerhartz - In Her Care

Edmund Adler - The Cat Mother

Elin Danielson-Gambogi - Girl with cats in a summer landscape

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Black Cat,1926

Evariste Carpentier - Un panier de richards

Fedor Flinzer - Cats on a ridge of a roof at full moon

Frank Markham Skipworth - Indolence

François-Hubert Drouais - Petite Fille Au Chat

Frederick Arthur Bridgman - Portrait of the artist's daughter, Helen

George Dunlop Leslie - Her First Place

George Sheridan Knowles - Summer's Fun

Georges Manzana-Pissarro - Trois chats

Gwen John - Girl with a Cat

Hans Anderson Brendekilde - Summer

Hans Anderson Brendekilde - Two Little Girls In The Garden With A Kitten Under A Fruit Tree In Bloom

Jan Miense Molenaer - Children Playing with a Cat

Jean-Baptiste Perronneau - A Girl with a Kitten

Jean-Baptiste Perronneau - Mademoiselle Huquier holding a cat

Jean-Baptiste Perronneau - Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange, née de Parseval - Google Art Project

Jessie Willcox Smith - I Love My Little Kitty 

Johann Zoffany - Portrait of Sophia Dumergue holding a cat
John Everett Millais - A Flood

John Everett Millais - Early Days

John Everett Millais - Puss in Boots

John Russell - Girl and Cat, 1791

Joseph Kleitsch - The Angora Cats

Judith Leyster - A Boy and a Girl with a Cat and an Eel

Judith Leyster - Two Children with a Cat

Leon Basile Perrault - Son Favorite

Lilian Westcott Hale - Portrait Of A Girl (Agnes And Her Cat)

Lilla Cabot Perry - Edith with Lierre

Lilla Cabot Perry - Woman with a Cat, c. 1898–1901

Lucian Freud - Girl with a Kitten 1947

Marcel Dyf - Jeune fille au chat siamois

Marcel Dyf - Jeune Fille Avec Chaton (The Kitten)

Marcel Dyf - Young Woman with a Cat

Marguerite Gérard - La dame avec son chat.

Mary Cassatt - Sara Holding A Cat

Mary Fedden - A tabby cat

Mary Fedden - Sleeping cat

Mary Fedden - The poppy, the cat and the compass

Nicolai Fechin - Tuppy With Cat

Nikolai Yaroshenko - Portrait of a Lady with a Cat

Peder Severin Krøyer - Junges Mädchen in Tracht mit Katze spielend

Pierre Bonnard - Cats on the Railing, 1909 

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse - 

Robert Collison - Playing with Kitten

Rudolp Fepp - The Intruder Cats and Kittens

Seymour Joseph Guy - The New Arrival

Sophie Anderson - Awake

Theodore Robinson - Nantucket Girl

Vittorio Matteo Corcos - The New Kitten

Walter Frederick Osborne - A New Arrival

Walter Frederick Osborne - Cat and Kittens

Walter Frederick Osborne - Small Girl With A Cat

Édouard Manet - Woman with a Cat, Portrait of Madame Manet – 1882 – 1883

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Pisici in pictura, picturi de diferiti artisti: Berthe Morisot,  Judith Leyster, Marcel DyfJohn Everett Millais, etc.

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