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Eugenio Zampighi (17 octombrie 1859 - 1914), pictor italian

Eugenio Zampighi - Idyllic family scene with newborn .
Eugenio Zampighi - The New Baby
Eugenio Zampighi - The First Step

Eugenio Zampighi - The First Steps
Eugenio Zampighi - A Child's First Step
Eugenio Zampighi - First steps
Eugenio Zampighi - The Center of Attention 

Eugenio Zampighi - The Center of Attention 

Eugenio Zampighi - The Center of Attention 
Eugenio Zampighi - Playing with Baby

Eugenio Zampighi - Playing with Baby

Eugenio Zampighi - Playing with Baby

Eugenio Zampighi - Playing with Baby
Eugenio Zampighi - Playtime 

Eugenio Zampighi - Playtime with grandpa
Eugenio Zampighi - Admiring the Baby
Eugenio Zampighi - The first bath
Eugenio Zampighi - Bathtime
Eugenio Zampighi - Family

Eugenio Zampighi - Family
Eugenio Zampighi - Family

Eugenio Zampighi - Family Bliss
Eugenio Zampighi - A Happy Family
Eugenio Zampighi - Amusing stories
Eugenio Zampighi - The Writing Lesson
Eugenio Zampighi - Babys cherries
Eugenio Zampighi - Grandma's helping hand

Eugenio Zampighi - Grandpa's tale 

Eugenio Zampighi - Grandparents Visiting
Eugenio Zampighi - Feeding Time
Eugenio Zampighi - Mealtime
Eugenio Zampighi - A Happy Tune

Eugenio Zampighi - A little flower
Eugenio Zampighi - Spinning in the Kitchen
Eugenio Zampighi - A Captive Audience
Eugenio Zampighi - My Bird is Dead
Eugenio Zampighi - Her First Lesson
Eugenio Zampighi - A New Friend
Eugenio Zampighi - Afternoon merriment
Eugenio Zampighi - Il Nodo Al Fazzoletto
Eugenio Zampighi - Reading the News
Eugenio Zampighi - Tending the chickens
Eugenio Zampighi - The mouse
Eugenio Zampighi - The Hunter's Tale
Eugenio Zampighi - The Dinner
Eugenio Zampighi - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Eugenio Zampighi - Sharing Their Pleasures
Eugenio Zampighi - The Duet
Eugenio Zampighi - The Dinner Guest

Eugenio Zampighi (1859 - 1914), pictor italian nascut in Modena, Italia pe  17 octombrie 1859. Zampighi a aratat un interes foarte mare pentru pictura inca de mic copil, iar la varsta de 13 ani s-a inscris la Academia de Desen.Zampighi a terminat scoala castigand la exaamene sase medalii de locul intai.
La varsta de 20 de ani, Zampighi a castigat o bursa si a petrecut trei ani in Roma. Pentru ca a avut rezultate de succes, Zampighi a fost invitat sa devina Membru Onorabil alAcademiei din Modena. Si-a petrecut ultimul an al bursei  in Florenta acolo in 1884. La Florenta a inceput sa picteze binecunoscutul sau gen de picturi. Aceste picturi s-au vandut imediat, iar Zampighi a primit multe comenzi de la comercianti locali si din strainatate.
Zampighi s-a dedicat picturii de personaje, scene de viata domestica a oamenilor de la tara.
Eugenio Zampighi (17 octombrie 1859 - 1914), pictor italian

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