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Girls with Dolls in painting

Albert Anker - Girl with doll and toys

Albert Anker - Marie Anker With Doll, 1873
Albert Anker - Marie Anker um 1875
Albert Anker - Little Girl with Doll
Albert Anker - Kind mit Puppe

Albert Anker - Mädchen mit Puppe

Albert Roelofs - Girl Holding her Doll

Albert Roosenboom - The Young Doctor

Alexander Varnek - Tomilova

Alexei Harlamov - Sisters 1888

Alexei Jawlensky - Girl with Doll

Aloys Hannes Schramm - Young Girl with Doll

Amalia Lindegren - Breakfast,1866

Andrei Ryabushkin - Girl with a dol

Angelo de Courten - Puppenmacherin

 Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson - Girl with doll

Anonymous German painter - Girl with Doll

Berthe Morisot - Little Girl with a Doll

Boris Grigoriev - Girl with toys

Boris Grigoriev - Peace of fair in Guingamp. Bretagne

Carl Larsson - A Young Girl with a Doll

Carl Larsson - Gretta Dora and Nora

Carl Larsson - Lisbeth with a doll

Carl Ludwig Christinec - Portrait of two sisters

Charles Courtney Curran - Dolly's Portrait

Charles Courtney Curran - Girl with a Doll (Christmas Morning)

Charles Haigh-Wood - Storytime

Charles West Cope - The Thorn

Christian Pram-Henningsen - Little Girl with a Doll and Her Nurse

Circle of Albert Anker - Kind mit Puppe

Claudio Castelucho - Dressing her Doll

 Douglas Volk, NA - Young Girl in Yellow Dress Holding her Doll

Edmund Adler - Dolly's Supper

Elliot Torrey - Girl with a doll

 Emil Brack - Portrait of a Young Girl Holding a Doll

Emily Farmer - The Doll

 Emily Shanks - Favourite Doll

Evert Pieters - The Doll`s Supper

Evgraf Krendovskiy - Kapnist girls

 Felix Schlesinger - Die Puppenmutter

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller - Girl with a doll

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller - Johann Feldmüller with his two children

Follower of William Larkin - Three Young Girls

Francis Cotes - Selina Chambers

Frank Duveneck - Mary Cabot Wheelwright

Franz Skarbina - Unter dem Weihnachtsbaum

 Franz Xavier Winterhalter - Princess Beatrice

François Boucher - The Afternoon Meal, 1739

Frida Kahlo - Me and My Doll, 1937

Friedrich von Amerling - Princess Marie Franziska von Liechtenstein at the age of 2 years. 1836

Fritz Zuber-Buhler - Girl Feeding Her Doll

Fritz Zuber-Buhler - Little Girl with Her Favourite Dolls pet dog

 Fritz Zuber-Buhler - Young Girl Holding A Doll

Gari Melchers - The Sisters

Georg Rössler - Mädchen spielen mit Puppen

George Bernard O'Neill - Sshh

George Goodwin Kilburne - Piano practice

George Luks - Girl with Doll

Georges Lemmen - Girl with doll

 Gustave Doyen - A Young Girl with a Doll

 Hans Looschen - Mutter mit Kind und Puppe

Heinrich Schönhauser - Mädchen mit Puppe

 Henri Martin - Young Girl with Doll

Henri Rousseau - Child with Doll

Jacek Malczewski - Portrait of Julia, the artist's daughter with a doll

 Jacob Gerritsz. Cuyp - Portrait of a Little Girl Holding a Doll and a Basket

James Caroll Beckwith - Betty Hazard with her favourite doll 1914
James Ensor - Child with Doll 

 Jan Steen - The Feast of St. Nicholas

Jean-Baptiste Greuze - Girl With A Doll 

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - Portrait of Madame Langeron, Four Years

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - The Younger Daughter of M. Edouard Delalain

Jean-Etienne Liotard - Girl with Doll

John Callcott Horsley - Girl with Doll

John Shirley Fox - A portrait of a young girl in a white dress holding her doll and a posy of sweet peasholding her doll and a posy of sweet peas

John Singer Sargent - Ruth Sears Bacon

John White Alexander - Portrait of a Young Girl with Her Doll

Jules Pascin - Young Girl with a Doll

Karl Lemoch - Varia

Kate Perugini - A Young Girl with her Doll

Konstantin Makovsky - Portrait of Grand Princess Maria Nikolayevna - 1905

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin - Girl with a Doll. 1937

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin - Thomas und Wilhelmine 1916

 Károly Ferenczy - Young Girl with Doll

Leon Delachaux - Two Girls Dressing a Doll

Lovis Corinth - Anna Schaumberg with a doll

Ludwig Passini - Menna

Luise Juliane von Oranien-Nassau mit Puppe

Mary Cassatt - Little Girl with a Japanese Doll

 Mary Jane Smith - Joseph Whiting Stock

 Meyer von Bremen - Gretchens Liebling 1881

Nikolai Yaroshenko - Girl with a Doll

Paul Cezanne - Young Girl with a Doll

Paul Cézanne - Little Girl with a Doll

 Paul Peel - Japanese Dolls and Fan

 Paul Peel - Waiting for the Bath
Pauline Palmer - The Rose Coat, circa 1922
Pierre Auguste Cot - A New Doll

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Children's Afternoon at Wargemont

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Girl with doll

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - La promenade

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Little Girl with Doll

Pietronella Peters - Das neue Puppenkleid

Poul Friis Nybo - Little Girl at Play.

Richard Cosway - Portrait of Mrs JP Fector, with her ​​two Children, Peter and Mary, in an Interior

Stanley Spencer - Hilda, Unity and Dolls, 1937

 Suzanne Valadon - Portrait of Marie Coca and her Daughter, 1913

Thomas Benjamin Kennington - Girl with doll-1860

Tsuguharu Foujita - Children and Doll, 1955

Tsuguharu Foujita - Children and Doll

Tsuguharu Foujita - Little Girl with Doll

Vasily Surikov - The Portrait of Olga Vasilevna Surikova the Daughter of the artist Being a Child

Vasily Tropinin - Girl with a Doll, 1841

Vital Jean De Gronckel - Portrait of Two Children, 1849

William Hemsley - Baking day

William Hemsley - Running repairs

Zinaida Serebriakova - Girl with a Doll 

Zinaida Serebriakova - Girl with a Doll 

 Zinaida Serebriakova - My daughter Katya with dolls

Émile Munier - Girl with Doll.

Émile Munier - Young Girl and Her Dolls

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